Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My personal assistants

One of the blessings and the curses of being a writer is that I spend the majority of my days without other human company. I like my own company and enjoy solitude, so that's not a big drawback for me, but I'm grateful that I'm not completely alone all day.

I have a couple of able assistants who are always around to cheer me up, keep me company — and try to convince me to take them for a walk or hand out treats.

Yes, I refer to my two dogs, Snoopy and Katie. Snoopy, an 11-year old beagle mix, has claimed the upholstered chair in my office as his own, and surrenders it only under protest. He's usually there, near my desk, unless a thunder storm rolls in. When that happens, he's under my desk, his head in my lap, hiding from the big, bad thunder.

Katie, a three-year old Chow mix, prefers to nap in my bedroom, across the hall from my office, but she is alert to my every movement. I can't step into the kitchen for a drink or a snack without both dogs following, hopeful for a handout.

Our morning walk gets my brain working and prepares me for a day at the computer. My two canine companions are also great listeners — they've been a rapt audience for many exchanges of dialogue between my characters. Of course, the dogs think all my words are wonderful. From
their reactions, you might think I was describing a sumptuous roast beef dinner in every scene!

Of course, when my husband arrives home, both furry traitors abandon me to greet the man who's been away all day. No castaway rescued from a deserted island could receive a warmer welcome than my husband at the end of the day. If I try to stay at my computer and continue to work, the dogs will take turns racing back to my office to announce, as only they can, that "Daddy's home!"

But I forgive them their momentary abandonment. I know the next morning they'll be right by my side, ready to help as only they can. I've come to consider them an essential part of the creative process and now I can't imagine writing a word without them!


CrystalGB said...

What great companions you have. :)

Ellen said...

They call dogs faithful companions for a reason. Once they learn to love you they stay with you and are always there for you. Lucky you.

Sara said...

what sweet babies! There is a reason for the creation of dogs and cats - they treat us like we are the best thing in the world! And, love us more than anyone else can...with no expectations!

You certainly seem to have two wonderful little ones.

Estella said...

Lucky you!!!

Cindi Myers said...

Awww, thank you everyone. I do feel lucky to share my life with these two fur-babies.