Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Murphy's Law

I’m not quite sure who Murphy is but he can take his law and – oh well, you know. Anyway have you ever had a week, a month, a year where everything (and I do mean everything) went kaput, belly-up, AWOL or defunct? That’s how it’s been for the past two months around the DeFee household.

On a cataclysmic scale our run of bad luck barely rates a blip, but man oh man, has it ever been annoying. So if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll vent – just a touch.

It all started during the last week of July with a sewer back-up. Okay – that’s a little stinky but not all that terrible - $160.
That was followed by a dead (rigor mortis) car battery. Again, that was more inconvenient than disastrous - $83.
The coup de grace for July was that my twelve-year old dishwasher leaked all over the hardwood floors. Considering our house in on the market – and the real estate market is definitely stinky – we decided it was prudent to buy a new one - $538 including tax.

The money bleeding has just begun.

August started with all the hope of a new day and a new month. Little did I know it was going to get worse. That was when my two-year old front loading, electronic genius washing machine decided to give up the ghost. Then after the replacement of a $290 tachometer motor, with no discernible improvement, the repairman conceded defeat. He said he could put in a new computer ($300+) but he couldn’t guarantee it would fix the problem – new washing machine $1,000.

Now we’re hemorrhaging money.

Concurrently some twit sent me a virus that got through my anti-virus detector. My computer/e-mail was down almost a week before I ferreted out our version of the geek squad - $89.
Did I mention I missed a stair, landed on my derriere and dropped my new Dell laptop cracking the case?

And now for adding insult to injury – and you’re going to have a hard time believing this one. Last week I was at my daughter’s house in Pennsylvania and instead of going over weight on my suitcase I mailed myself a box of stuff (USPS priority, flat rate). When it came yesterday the box looked like it had been run over by a truck and had a sticker on it stating it had been resealed at the Seattle bulk mailing room. Guess what – someone in that mail room took my one and only pair of Kenneth Cole, size eight, favorite sandals home with them. They took my shoes!!!

Enough griping – deep breath. Breathing is a good exercise. There, that’s better. So if you happen to run into Murphy whack him upside the head for me. LOL Have a great rest of the month. Personally, I’m waiting to see what happens next. Oops, I hear something furry or feathery walking around on my metal roof. Never mind – I’m going to think positive thoughts – that and go down to do the piles of laundry in my new machine.


The Man She Married, HAR, February 2009
Top Gun Dad, HAR, TBA


Jennifer Faye said...

Ann, sending you big hugs!!! Here's hoping your fall/winter are uneventful. I still can't believe they took your shoes. Sheesh!!! That's bad. Hang in there. I see you have two books coming out. Congrats! That's definitely something positive to look forward to.


Ann Roth said...

Oh, Ann!! What a run of bad luck. Hopefully, you've had a few years' worth and life will be roses for awhile. ;-)

Marin Thomas said...

Egads, Ann!!

You've had a horrible time of it lately--*Hugs* Hopefully you'll be rewarded on the other end of your move and everything will be smooth sailing at the new house.

Hang in there!