Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Foreign Editions

One of the fun things about writing for Harlequin American is googling my name and finding wild things, like French editions, on the internet.

The above book came out in November 2007 and guess what, I have no idea what book it is. I'm guessing that this is one of the books set in Chicago, so I'm thinking it may be The Wedding Secret.

Sometimes I received author copies and other times I don't. Usually I recognize the picture, but oftentimes the photo is changed. It's strange--in Australia I'm a Presents author and in Japan I'm a Silhouette Special Edition author. In France I'm a Desire author.

What I really find fun this time is that I've been packaged with a good friend of mine, Patricia Kay. Neither she nor I knew Harlequin would do this. In fact, the authors don't know what books will be picked up for foreign editions. Harlequin does the translating.

Have a great day! I'm off to work--



Ellen said...

I think the translation is LOVERS AND RIVALS if that helps.

Michele Dunaway said...

Thanks Ellen!

I tried to get a google translation but it didn't mean much. And I don't have a book called lovers & rivals, so who knows what book it really is!

Lily said...

That is weird... being a passion author!

I talk french and did some research and it is The Playboy's Protegee... which I have not read :)

They publish them with some delay - sometimes a few years!!

Ellen said...

Maybe that was as close as they could get to the original title so decided to change it.

Ellen said...

BTW if you go to "free translations online" you should be able to get translations of phrases.

BethRe said...

It is cool to see the foreign additions

Danny said...

That's really cool. :D