Sunday, October 14, 2007

Poke a fork in me . . . I'm done!!

Whew, it's official. Two months into the school year and I'm pooped!! Why didn't anyone tell me teaching is so much harder than writing? LOL!! I did have some fun news, though, in that I'm now certified to teach English, so as soon as a position opens up, I'm hoping that'll be somewhat less stressful than special ed.

On the homefront, all is great. We're getting ready for a Halloween party. I've told each of the kids they can invite ten friends apiece. Well, Son # 2 hates parties and doesn't want to invite anyone. Son #1 is complaining that he wants to invite fifty friends, and Daughter is complaining she doesn't like her brother's friends, and just wants to invite her own fifty friends. ARGH!!! I'm about to the point that maybe we should spend a nice, quiet Halloween with just family!! (The top pic is of Son #1 & Son #2 with friends at last year's party. They were the Village People. Son #1 was the sailor and Son #2 was the policeman. The bottom pic is of Daughter & friend at last year's party.)

I went yard-saling yesterday and found an AWESOME sofa. Eight-way, hand-tied springs, cream-colored, embroidered cushions. Loads of extra pillows with tassels. I'm soooo excited. (Especially since it's going in our bedroom, theoretically meaning no kids or dogs!) When I asked the price, I was thinking $300 would be a steal. I got it for $75!!! Only problem is, Daughter programmed the woman's number into her phone and lost the number. GRRRRR. I have all the cushions in my car, but was planning to pay Son #1's friend to haul the actual sofa in his truck. (The woman is moving, and not living in the house.) Let's just say if Daughter doesn't somehow find the number, she may be moving, as well--along with her stinky dogs!!!!! LOL!!!

In other icky news, we've had a moth infestion in the pantry, so I'm off to clean and sort dry goods and squash bugs!!

Happy Early Halloween!!! ;-)


Ellen said...

I've never tried writing but I did teach for 35 years and although it was hard it was also very rewarding. I spent those years making friends with fellow teachers and having students come back to me later and saying thank you for ......
PS. I taught high school and junior high English, Social Studies, remedial Science

Danny said...

Happy Early Halloween back :D

I used to love Halloween as a kid... I still use it as an excuse to eat too many of those little chocolate bars. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Laura,

I love your posts! Hang in there...things have got to settle down, soon!


Estella said...

Just think, only how many more years of Halloween parties?
Have a nice Halloween.

catslady said...

Good luck with that party and the moths. My new kitty brought us (and the other 6 cats) fleas!!!! If the fleas don't get us all the fumigating and poisons will.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Ellen--35 years of teaching??!! Wow!! I'm in awe!! Very cool!!

Danny--Hubby and I were just discussing whether or not it was too early to buy Halloween candy, knowing full well it'll never last till the big day!!

Shelley--From your keyboard to God's ears!!

Estella--Counting this year, three more years. but I imagine once my babies are gone, then I'll be bored!! or, maybe lounging in the South of france!! LOL!!

Catslady--HUGS on those fleas!! Our dogs have had an awful time with them this year. Which reminds me, time for their medicine!!

Nathalie said...

I remember I hated Halloween and dressing up!!

Though the Reese chocolate costume is hilarious!