Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's upcoming????

I just heard from my editor last week about my release schedule for 2007 & the first part of 2008.

Thought this would be a good time for the HAR authors to chime in and comment on what you can be looking forward to for the rest of 2007. I know I'm always curious as to when things are coming out, and eharlequin only gives you a few months in advance. Now you'll be able to access the archive if you forget when that next book by your favorite author is out.

Here's mine:

Nine Months' Notice (4 stars from RT), out April 2007 (so look for it next month)! This ends the American Beauties miniseries.

Hart's Victory, my NASCAR continuity book, out in November 2007.

The Christmas Date (formerly titled Picture Perfect), a Harlequin American out in December 2007.

Michele Dunaway


Ann Roth said...

Gosh, Michele, I have a LOT of books out this year!

Here they are by month:
It Happened One Wedding (book #2 of the To Wed Or Not To Wed miniseries)
Another Life, Zebra (my debut women's fiction!)

Summer Lovin', an anthology with Marin Thomas and Laura Marie Alton

Mitch Takes A Bride (book #3 of the To Wed Or Not To Wed miniseries)

All I Want for Christmas (book #1 of the Halo Island miniseries)

Marin Thomas said...

Great idea,Michele!

Following are my upcoming 2007 releases:

June: The Preacher's Daughter, *Summer Lovin'* Anthology with Laura Marie Altom and Ann Roth.

August: Ryan's Renovation (The final book in my McKade Brother's series)

October: For The Children, (The first book in my new *Heart of Appalachia* series.)

Jacqueline Diamond said...

I've got a busy year, too, I'm happy to say.

From Harlequin American:
In May, Daddy Protector, the second book in my trilogy about cops and kids.
In September, Twin Surprise, the third book.
Also in May, from, my first ebook, a romantic suspense called Touch Me in the Dark, which I'm very excited about.

Kara Lennox said...

Wow, sounds like everybody's been busy!

In April, I have A SECOND CHANCE, part of the Hotel Marchand series (not Harlequin American).

In September I have ONE STUBBORN TEXAN, which so far is not part of any series, just a stand-alone book.

That's it for me!